News of MyStorBox

14/12/2021 New function recycle bin

A "recycle bin" is now available on MyStorBox. All deleted data will be moved to the Recycle Bin and can be easily recovered from there. All the data you delete in the Recycle Bin is permanently deleted.

24/11/2021 MyStorBox Sync Version 2.1

With the new version of MyStorBox, some improvements have been implemented. Now you can also select the sync direction for each folder.

11/11/2021 New attractive prices

The prices for MyStorBox have been massively reduced. In this way, we pass on the price advantages from the EU location to our customers.

08/11/2021 Now available, the MyStorBox App

The MyStorBox App for iOS and Android is available in the App stores. We also offer the Share without Login function with the new App.

05/11/2021 New: MyStorBox Sync

With “MyStorBox Sync” you synchronize everything you want to your computer. Fully automatic and fast. Data backup - it couldn't be easier.

26/10/2021 New MyStorBox-Client Version 1.4

The new MyStorBox-Client version 1.4 makes the online storage even easier to use. For example, the download of entire folders without ZIP file. The client is available for Windows, MAC and Linux.

15/02/2021 Share function for all

Content sharing without login is now available on all MyStorBox accounts. Share content easily with your friends.

08/04/2020 New features for sharing

The sharing of content without login to MyStorBox has been extended. Now you can adjust the permissions on the shared folder.

15/07/2019 Copy Files & Folders

You can now copy files and folders directly within MyStorBox.

26/06/2019 Drag & Drop Upload

Files and entire folders can be uploaded using drag & drop.

17/06/2019 Video thumbnails

Videos are now also displayed with a thumbnail.

15/06/2019 Easier operation

The presentation of the data in the web browser has been simplified and provided with new icons.

06/05/2019 WebDAV Integration

The integration of MyStorBox via WebDAV is now faster and more stable.

05/05/2019 Browse shared content

Sharing content without a login has become even easier and clearer. Shared data can now be viewed and downloaded.

13/12/2018 Share contents

MyStorBox customers can easily share files or folders with a download link. The link allows you to download the files or folders without logging in.